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below is a link of 55 minutes long.  It is with Newfoundland members of the CN Pensioners Association  reminiscing of the time they worked for the Railway and of their association today with fellow pensioner members..

If anyone have some memmories to express to our CNPA members always will be welcome to display on our website.

Thank you to Mr. Butch Whiteman of sharing this video.

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Who We Are
The CN Pensioners Association Kamloops/Okanagan (E4) has close to 800  members comprised of Canadian National Railways pensioners and/or their surviving spouses. Our members came from many different departments of the, shop, yard, Transport, Engeneering, Work Equipment, and Car Department...but all have a common bond of friendship and camaraderie. By joining together we have the power, knowledge and ability to promote benefits for our members and to ensure our pensions keep pace with the changing economy.
We offer many benefits of membership such as:
• acting as a liaison with the National Council to communicate with the Canadian National Railways
• keeping members informed of pension, medical and benefit changes.
• monthly meetings with speakers and topics of interest to seniors..
• Scholarship Program 2015 sponsored by the National Council of CN Pensioners' Association for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of members in good standing. Click here for additional Checklist information. This program has been enhanced for 2015. For more information, visit and click on the scholarships.
• Social events (Christmas luncheon).
When & where we meet
We meet the first Tuesday of the months between Sept - June

Location: Japanese Culture Centre
Address: 160 Vernon Ave.

Kamloops B.C.

Phone: 250-376-9629

The agenda consists of a short business meeting plus a 30-minute presentation by a guest speaker on a topic of interest. A 50-50 Draw as well as a Birthday of the Month Draw are held at every meeting. Spouses are welcome to attend.
Annual events include the Christmas luncheon in December where we celebrate the Holiday Season and our Honorary Members.
Mission Statement
"...the purpose of forming a group to promote, maintain, and foster social and fraternal relations; to keep alive the traditions of the Canadian National Railways, and to preserve the loyalty and brotherhood of its employees." (Canadian National Railways Veterans Association – October 1931).

In keeping with these ideals of the Canadian National Railways Veterans Association...

The CN Pensioners Association of Kamloops (E4) shall actively promote and protect the interests and concerns – social, legal, fraternal and economic – of all CN Pensioners and surviving spouses by acting as a liaison with the National Council of CN Pensioners Association to dialogue, propose and recommend with Canadian National Railways. They shall keep members informed of important activities and services, which may affect them financially or socially, as well as ensuring a better quality of life.



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